Red Dog Poker

Probably the most interesting bonus poker game out there, well it certainly makes me think something along the lines – is this a poker game? Really? Well, players consider it one and if not anything else, Red Dog is definitely an unique game that isn’t copied by hundreds of other ones out there.

It’s also known with a couple of other names including Yablon and Acey Deucey, but I personally prefer the Red Dog name.

To give you an idea about whats it like to play this game online, I’ll briefly summarise it. This is a spread guessing game. Spread in this case refers to the amount of cards that are between two. Lets say you are dealt two random cards, a deuce and an eight. In this case the spread between these two cards would be five – 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 are all cards between the two.

That’s exactly the main goal of this casino poker game – to guess whether a card that is dealt between two others is going to be a part of the spread between them. Guessing correctly will award you with a payout, which also depends on how many cards are in the spread. Quite long for just a summary, but that should give you a great idea about how to play this game. If you’re looking for more exact instruction, check the paragraph below.

Practise Free Red Dog Poker:

GamePlay – How To Play

I have always said that casino games, especially ones known as poker, are incredibly easy to play and that’s exactly the case with Red Dog. There is nothing complicated about the game and once you’ve made your wager, there’s actually only a single decision to make.

So after you’ve picked how much money you want to bet, hit the ”deal” button and two cards will be dealt with a box in the middle left free. The table layout will instantly signalize about the size of a spread between two cards and show payout odds in most cases. This is the spot where you can pick between making:

  • ”Call” – simply risking the same amount of money that was initially put up and getting the third card dealt.
  • ”Raise” – if you think that the third card dealt will be a part of the spread between the two, hit the raise button and add an equal amount of money to your initial wager.

After picking between these two options, the third card is dealt and if it is a part of the spread – you win. Payouts range between even money and up to 11 for 1. Payouts are completely dependent on the size for spread between the two initially dealt cards.

  • Spread Payout

  • 1          5 to 1
  • 2          4 to 1
  • 3          2 to 1
  • 4 – 11   1 to 1 (Even Money)

Other Scenarios

You likely have a thought about what happens when two cards of the same are dealt? If the unlikely happens, the hand will be over and your bet will be considered as a push. You won’t be able to make a raise, but another card will be dealt.

  • If it’s the same as two initial ones and you make ”Three of a Kind”, an impressive 11 to 1 payout will be awarded!

    If you get two cards of a consecutive rank (4 and a 5 for example), between whom the spread is non-existent, the hand will also be stopped immediately and considered as a tie.

Basic Strategy

You might imagine that there simple isn’t any optimal way to play this game, but that’s not the case. Thing is that the least percentage of casino advantage is when the spread between two cards is seven or higher. This is actually the exact moment, when you should be raising your bet.

Given that you play by the outlined strategy above, the house edge in Red Dog Poker will be approximately 3.5%.

Apply Your Knowledge

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