Match Play 21

Match Play 21 is a BlackJack Game that is quite similar to Spanish 21. However, this one has been developed by Real Time Gaming software provider. The idea behind the game is quite similar, but the rules are a little bit less complicated. That’s not to say that you can’t earn some generous bonus payouts, as you might be used to in Spanish 21. Those are still there and you’ll be able to earn one all the way up to 40 to 1 payout odds.

Before getting into various aspects that are different, I just want to write down things that are similar to classic, standard BlackJack variations.

  • Natural hand of 21 (BlackJack) pays at 3 to 2 odds.

  • Dealer hits soft 17, but stands on hard.

  • Insurance pays 2 to 1


That’s about it regarding the common rules. Everything else is either slightly adjusted or quite massively, if I can use that phrase to refer to adjustments.

  • There are no tens in the deck (only facecards)

  • Player always wins when holding 21

  • You can double once at any time, even with three cards

  • Surrender option is available at any time

On top of this, there also are several bonus payouts that can award, as mentioned in the introduction, a payout of up to 40 to 1 odds.

  • Match Play 21 (three suited sevens to you and one, as the facecard, for the dealer) – 40 to 1

  • 7+ Card 21 – 3 to 1

  • 7-7-7 of Spades – 3 to 1

  • 6-7-8 of Spades – 3 to 1

  • 7-7-7 Single Suited – 2 to 1

  • 6-7-8 Single Suited – 2 to 1

  • 6 card 21 – 2 to 1

  • Any 7-7-7 – 3 to 2

  • Any 6-7-8 – 3 to 2

  • 5 Card 21 – 3 to 2

As you can see, generous payouts won’t be a problem in this game. Even if you aren’t getting as many BlackJacks dealt, as you would like to, a payout at 40 to 1 odds can quickly change the pace of things.

Where To Play?

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