Triple Action Hold’em

Triple Action Hold’em is a holdem (obviously) based casino poker game that is offered at Cryptologic and MicroGaming powered casinos. It’s quite nice to see some fresh games being developed. While it’s hard to developed a game that would blow everyone with innovation, this has been a pretty good attempt. Concepts used in it aren’t really similar to ones that I’ve played or seen around. 


Before we get into any actual gameplay and the way this game is played, I wanted to add that it’s dealt from a standard 52 card deck of cards. Hands are ranked as any other hold’em poker game – best combination is made out of 5 cards, with the highest possible one being Royal Flush.

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This game features a perfect title – the triple action part that is. It also perfectly describes the game and gameplay. It starts with you, as always, placing a wager and hitting the ”deal” button. Once that is history, you’ll be dealt with a 2 card poker hand and presented with two options:

  • Deal Again – if a crappy hand has been dealt to you, it’s possible to get a new one. The hilarious part is that the hand you gave up is going to be one of the two hands held by the dealer. I really laughed, when passing on that seven-deuce offsuit (worst possible hand in poker).

  • Hold – on the other hand, if a great starting hand has been dealt to you, it’s possible to just keep it. If you ”hold” your cards, the next two hands are going to be dealt to the dealer straight up.

If you decide to pass on the first two hands dealt, the third one will be your hand. There will be no option to change the hand so make sure you aren’t too picky.

After you hold a hand consisting of two hole cards and either have passed two times or choose to hold a particular hand, all 5 cards will be dealt on the board. Starting with three, being the flop, and also the turn and river.


To earn a payout in this game, you’ll have to beat both hands held by the dealer. Again, hands are valued by following the poker hand rankings chart.

  • If either hand held by the dealer is stronger than yours, you lose.

  • If dealers strongest hand is equal to yours, it’s considered as a push and you neither lose your wager or win a payout.

  • There also are increased payout odds for certain hand combinations, see the chart below for more information.


  • Royal Flush – 50 to 1

  • Straight Flush – 20 to 1

  • Four of a Kind – 10 to 1

  • Full House – 4 to 1

  • Flush – 2 to 1

Strategy & Tips

The option to switch hands really adds some thrill and entertainment to the game, but it also complicates development of an optimal strategy. I’d advise to always hold on to any hand that consists of an Ace, King as well as high cards that are suited or connect, such as queen-jack of the same suit, for example.

Apply Your Knowledge

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